syncronization server for digital medical images

Professional tool

Dicom Sync helps healthcare organizations face the challenges with multiple workstations, servers and data availability and redundancy needs.

Dicom Sync is suited for IT teams and information workflows between DICOM nodes and servers, such as PACS.

Enhanced productivity

Save time and set up rules for DICOM images synchronization between multiple sources and destinations.

Work with powerful workflows to define custom task profiles, such as rewriting DICOM datasets, backups or making sure DICOM studies are available to medical staff.

Data oriented

Dicom Sync is all about making sure your business requirements are met and your IT life becomes easier.

DICOM images are automatically recognised and made available to the right workstation, be it a server or a technician workstation.

DICOM workflows

Create rules to rewrite DICOM datasets, Query & Retrieve PACS servers and receive studies directly from a modality or DICOM Viewer. Automate data operations between DICOM nodes and PACS servers.

Backup profiles

Create backup profiles. Receive alerts for executed jobs.

Speed & scalability

The application is designed to use minimum resources and operate fast. Run as a system service.

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