booklet creator for medical image distribution

Produce beautiful printed documents from your DICOM images

Dicom Paper offers easy to use workflows to generate and print personalised documents from any available DICOM source. Every printed exam will highlight the institution brand and patient data.

Smart rules save time and deliver a seamless experience by running as a system service.

Highly customizable

Dicom Paper's powerful engine offers a large combination of rules to optimize each use case scenario.

It's possible to fine tune the operations from modality source to document template, printing preferences or printer destination.

Personalise the customer experience. It’s your brand.

Engage patients with attractive paper reports and information details.

Dicom Paper picks up patient and exam details to personalise several areas of printed documents, such as cover, header and footer.

Additionally it's possible to define the layout of exam pictures to provide as much detail as needed.

DICOM compatibility

Take full advantage of DICOM storage and print protocols used by all modalities in medical institutions.

Print previous Studies

Search existing studies and re-print previously received studies.

Create templates

Build templates for your work. Support for full customization of cover & back page, header & footer and image layout, including patient and exam data personalization.

Adjust image settings

Create image settings profiles adjusting brightness, contrast and other parameters to achieve optimal printed results.

Integrated medical reports

Include the medical reports in the templates for a more complete end result.

Create rules

Create printing rules to use the best template based on the exam information and automate the printing process.

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