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Welcome to our partner program!

We have designed Dicom Servers with partner’s added value in mind. You’ll be able to deploy our software with trust, control the product brand and gain competitive market advantages.

Please contact us to know more about Dicom Servers and how you can become a partner.

Personalise the customer experience. It’s your brand.

It’s your company, so Dicom Servers will carry the brand of your choice.

Every application can be uniquely personalised according to your business strategy. Increase your brand awareness and customer satisfaction.

Reseller price

Our prices are highly competitive and will give you an advantage in the market without monthly or quarterly license quotas.

Online license management

Use an online and dedicated portal to manage licenses and support your business.

You’ll be able to issue, renew and cancel licenses. It’s also possible to grant demo licenses.

Guaranteed training and support

We’re proud of our work and the support extended to our partners over time. We've prepared a training program and documentation that will help your team understand the product and provide stellar customer support.

No matter your selling performance you can count on our technical expertise and experience to support you.

Great industry ecosystem

Years of experience and strategic partnership with business players like you make us a valued company in the healthcare ecosystem.

Join us today and help shape the market.

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