media creator for medical image distribution

Manage the workflow effectivelly

Avoid the superfluous costs and delays associated with traditional film production and supercharge your workflow with a highly professional product for patients and long term management.

Dicom Burn works with any DICOM source in your workspace and will automatically pick patient data to personalise the end result.

Easy to use

A touch based interface offers a powerful and easy to use experience.

Thanks to its companion website you’ll be able to access Dicom Burn anywhere in the office.

Your team will get more time to focus on what matters most to your business: your patients.

The application can also work in a fully automated way so your team will get more time to focus on what matters most to your business: your patients.

Personalise the customer experience. It’s your brand.

Make a long lasting impression on your customers. Thanks to a complete branding ownership, the generated media containing exams and reports become personal objects to your company and patients.

Don’t worry, the available patient data in DICOM studies are automatically used to personalise your media.

DICOM compatibility

Receive studies directly from a modality or a DICOM viewer.

All produced media is in compliance with DICOM 3.0, part 10 standard.

Search Local Storage or Query & Retrieve

Search and re-record previously received studies or Query & Retrieve PACS servers for additional studies.

Included Viewer

A free DICOM Viewer is included or you can choose the viewer player of your choice.

Custom Media Labels & Menu

Customize CD labels, with your branding and with the patients and exams data.

Include a custom media menu to present the contents of the CD and promote your organization.

Integrated medical reports

Include the medical reports in the generated media for easy access on media menu.

Import DICOM from media

Import studies from recorded media (CD, DVD and BD) and integrate them in your organization workflow.

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